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The User Management section enables an existing Admin to invite new users, view existing users, and manage permission levels within their Integrate instance. The User Management function is only available to those with Admin permissions.

Adding a New User

Within the Settings section, select User Management.

Select Add User.

Fill in the corresponding information for the new user and select their Role. Select Create to save.

Please note: All new users' permissions will be set to ON by default. Once the invite is accepted by the new user, any Admin may adjust permissions, specifically which reports the user is able to view and generate.

See our Permission Levels article for more details on our current available permissions.

Once created, Integrate will send an email invitation to the new user. They will need to click the link within that email to confirm and set-up their login.

Please note: Only once the new user has accepted the invite, will they show up within the list of users within the account and be able to have available permissions granted.

Accessing the platform for the first time? See below for instructions and some helpful tips.

Accepting the invite & creating your login 

To access the Integrate platform, an existing Admin must add you within User Management.

This will trigger an email invitation to be sent to you from – Be sure to check your junk folder.

Click the link to accept the invite and be redirected into your browser.

Fill in the information and click Proceed to Login to submit and confirm your user login.

Welcome to the Integrate platform!

Added to an additional Integrate account? You will receive a similar notification but will not need to set-up another login.

Your credentials will be the same and you will now be able to toggle between your accounts using the drop-down arrow in the top right-hand corner.

Having trouble? 

We've compiled a list of the most frequently encountered issues that our Product Support team helps guide users through relating to this process.

  • Check all folders for the invitation – Junk, Clutter, etc.
  • If a new invitation is sent, use the link in the most recent invite
  • Chrome is the recommended browser
  • Ensure cookies are enabled
  • If using an extension such as Ghostry, ensure is a trusted site
  • If a 403 error is returned request a new invitation be sent
  • If you are unable to see certain reports or areas of the platform, please consult an Admin on your account to inquire about adjusting your permission levels

If you still need help, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

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