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Creating Reports


Orchestrate reports can provide lead data and insights into your platform activity across multiple Sources. There are six available report types to choose from to provide the data you need in a CSV format.

All reports are saved to your Reports Dashboard and can be downloaded immediately and/or scheduled for ongoing email delivery. This article outlines how to create a report by either starting from scratch or cloning an existing report.

Before You Begin

Check your permissions! Access to Reports is based on user permissions within each account. Unsure about your permissions? Check with your account admin or Integrate team. More information can be found in our Permission Levels article.

Creating a New Report

Navigate to the Insights(1a) > Reports(1b) section to view your Reports Dashboard

Click the New Report(1c) button to open the New Report pop-up modal.

Customize the name of your report(2a), select a report type(2b) and hit the Create(2c) button to continue. 

Please Note: Once a report type(2b) is chosen this will be locked.

Within your new report, select your Sources(3a) and settings(3b) as desired. See our Source Selection & Sidebars article for full details on the tools available to make this process quick and easy.

Click Save(3c) to lock in your changes. 

Cloning a Report

Locate the existing report you wish to replicate in your Reports Dashboard. Click the stoplight icon(4a) and select Clone(4b) to open the Clone Report pop-up modal.

Customize the name of your report(5a) and hit the Clone(5b) button to continue. The type of report(5c) will remain locked and your new report will be created with the same Source selections and settings as the initial report. 

Make edits as normal to complete the set-up of your new report. See our Source Selection & Sidebars article for full details on the tools available to make this process quick and easy.

Please Note: Schedules do not carry over and will need to be manually added to the new report.

Click Save to lock in your changes. 

Recommended Resources

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Having Trouble?

Here are some tips that help users through this area of the platform…

  • Can’t find a Source? Check your filters and/or search term to ensure you’re using the exact or partial Source Alias. Hit Enter to submit the search query.
  • Want to change the name of a report? Open the report and click on the name in the header. Changes will be saved when you click outside the box.
  • Need to delete a report? Navigate to your Reports Dashboard, open the corresponding stoplight icon and click Delete

If you still need help, please submit a support ticket or reach out to your Integrate team.

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