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Creating Sources for Media Partners

Once the campaign has been published, you may create sources for specific demand partners to join your campaign.

  • A Source is an inbound lead source (e.g., demand partner that posts leads to a campaign, event leads uploaded to  a  campaign, etc.). The  Sources page shows the  status of  demand  partners on every campaign they are matched to and how they are pacing against the goal. It also gives you control on a per-partner basis within your Campaign.

When you invite a partner, they are not actually invited into your Campaign, but rather a source is generated based on the Campaign you have created. This allows you to make small changes to accommodate the leads generated from various partners, including paying different rates, adjustments to the fields being requested, etc. This is a powerful tool that allows you to collect a great number of leads from multiple Publishers within a single Campaign.

To send a partner a source for your campaign:

  1. Open the Campaign.
  2. Choose Add New Source

  3. Select Add Media Partner Source.

  4. From the drop-down list, select the Media Partner you wish to invite to your campaign. Please contact your Integrate Customer Success Manager if you need to onboard additional partners.
  5. Make any necessary changes to the start date, total allocation, and payout per lead, or click Make Additional Changes to modify additional criteria.
  6. Once you have updated the information, select Send Sources.

Managing Sources

From the platform’s main navigation menu, select Campaigns then Sources. Click on the Source Short ID to open, view and edit the details of a  specific source.

Resume or Extend a Source

At times, you may decide to pause or resume a source.

To  pause a source:

  • Go to Sources.
  • Select a  live source you wish to pause.
  • Select Pause Source from the dropdown  menu.
  • The campaign will now have a Paused status.

To  resume a source:

  • Go to Sources.
  • Filter for Paused status.
  • Select a  source you wish to resume.
  • Select Resume Source from the dropdown  menu.
  • The campaign will now resume it’s pre- paused status.

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