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General Settings (CPL Camaign)

Once your campaign has been initiated, you may set parameters using campaign details, qualifiers and restrictions on the General Settings page. 

This should mirror your insertion order or agreement with the demand partner fulfilling the campaign.

The following list includes descriptions for each of the fields listed in the General Settings page of Campaign Creation:

  • Campaign Name: Choose a concise campaign name that describes your offer. The campaign name should resonate with your demand partners as  well as  with anyone managing campaigns or running reports from the platform. The fiscal year and quarter are commonly used (e.g., FY17 Q3 Content Syndication).
  • Campaign Description: Your campaign’s description is intended to provide the demand partner with additional information regarding the campaign, helping them determine their ability to run the campaign. Descriptions should be concise and mirror any existing agreement with the partner.
  • Timezone: Allows you to specify the timezone your campaign should be operating against.
  • Date Range: Reflects the date you agree to have demand partners begin promoting and delivering leads for your campaign.
  • Enable End Date: Notifies the demand partner(s) of when the lead goal must be achieved. Once the end date arrives, demand partners will not be able to post leads into your campaign. However, you have the option to extend the end date at any time, providing partners with additional time to post in leads. An end date is not required.

Tip: If you have a hard end date for a campaign, you may want to consider setting an earlier end date (e.g. two weeks early) to ensure your partners are pacing accordingly or to have

time to reallocate to other partners if needed.


  • Campaign Total Goal: Allows you to specify a campaign lead volume goal. This is not  required.
  • 3rd-Party IDs: Allows you to track any relevant 3rd-Party IDs at a campaign level. IDs entered  here  will  be   included  with  any   campaign  reports  you generate.
  • Campaign Disqualifiers: Create tags for all parameters that would make leads unacceptable. This may include parameters such as geos, competitors, industries or job titles outside of your target audience. To enter, simply type in a disqualifier and hit return. You may add multiple disqualifiers. These tags do not govern anything, but will allow the demand partners to quickly and easily see parameters that would disqualify a lead. Once you have entered all  campaign criteria, select Save &  Continue. This will bring you to the Fields page.

Once you have entered all campaign criteria, select Save &  Continue. This will bring you to the Fields page.

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