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New Marketo Integration Setup

Marketo Integration allows you to post leads to Marketo via Marketo’s REST API. To set up the default integration:

  1. Click the Settings (gear) icon.
  2. Click Integration Hub.
  3. Locate the Marketo Integration in the Integration Library and click on the symbol to add an integration.

  4. In Authentication tab  –  add your Marketo API details.
    • Your Client ID and Client Secret, can be found within your Marketo application by navigating to Admin > Integration > Launchpoint
      • Click New and select create a new service.
      • Specify a name and choose Custom from the dropdown.
      • Type a  name (e.g. ‘Integrate’) and  create.
      • Once created, click View Details to get your Client ID and Client Secret, and generate  your token.
    • Within Marketo's Admin section, navigate to Web Services and scroll down to get your REST API endpoint and identity URLs.

  5. In Response Mapping tab – you can modify how Integrate should interpret the response  codes Marketo provides the Integrate platform when it delivers a lead. By default, all response codes  result  in  the  lead  continuing  to  stay  in  an  accepted  state  within  Integrate  unless  you have selected Create Only as the action (read the following section for information on actions). Updating a response code to  Reject will  result  in  the  lead  updating to  a  rejected status  upon posting out, removing it from the total accepted  lead  count.  In  either  case  the  disposition  is reflected within the lead files visible to both you and the demand partner
    • Click the dropdown in the Status column next to the response you would like to update and select the new status.
    • Click the dropdown in the Disposition column next to the response you would like to update and select the new disposition.

  6. In Settings tab  –  you can  name your integration and  select  the  Marketo Action.
    • Nick Name –  Enter a name for your Marketo integration.
    • Action – You can change the Action at the campaign or source level as well.
      • Create or Update will be set as default – new leads will be created and leads that already exist in Marketo will be updated. If you have duplicate records in your Marketo, the lead will receive a response code of ‘1007 Multiple leads match the lookup criteria and will not update. If you have many duplicate records, the Create Duplicate action may be recommended. Contact your Customer Success Representative for additional information and guidance.
      • Create Only – only new leads that do not already exist in your Marketo will be created. Leads that already exist will be rejected back to the demand partner.             
      • Update Only – leads that already exist in your Marketo will be updated. New leads will receive a 1004 Lead Not Found response code and will not post into your Marketo instance.
      • Create Duplicate – if a  lead  already  exists in your Marketo,  a duplicate record will be created, and new leads will be created.
    • Schema – add your Marketo field names. Include  all  the  fields you typically use so you can easily add to your campaigns and sources.
    • Select the blue Integrate button to save your settings.

    • See the article titled "Marketo Integration Setup in a Campaign or Source" for detailed instructions on creating an integration at the Campaign and/or Source level.

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