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Upload Leads via API

For Demand Partners that have automated systems for delivering leads to customers, POST is an alternative to logging into the application and uploading lists of leads manually.

From the Delivery section of the Source:

  • Sample Post Request: This is the URL you should be posting leads to, as well as the content- type header to include. At the bottom, you will find the body string of what should be passed over, based on the fields in the campaign. Merge your individual lead values everywhere you see ‘myValue’.
  • Success Response: Example of a successful response of a lead being created. The predominate value returned is an Integrate generated Lead ID, which you may wish to store for later use.
  • NOTE: This message does not indicate that a lead was accepted; it merely informs the demand partner that the lead was successfully received and created. Leads are not   processed in real time, so a lead will first be created, and then either accepted or rejected as    a secondary step.
  • Error Response: Example of a lead that is not successfully created.

To receive success and error responses, a call-back URL is needed. For more information on the call-back URL, see Callback Instructions.

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