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Upload Leads Lists - CSV or Excel


As an Integrate Media Partner, you can deliver leads to Integrate by uploading a .csv file into the customer’s Source.

How To

In the top menu, click Campaigns(1) to access the Sources(2) page. Click the Short Id(3) or Alias(4) to open the Source. The Source state must be “Live”(5) to accept uploaded leads. 

Select Upload Leads(6) at top of the Source page.


Tip: Enable your browser to accept pop-ups from Integrate to easily access downloadable files.

The .csv file that you download serves as a template that aligns with the Source’s fields. Populate the template with the required lead data. 


  • Do not edit the field names.
  • Save the file as .csv UTF-8.

Drag your file(s) into the box or click browse to select the file(s) from your computer, then click Upload(8).

A window will appear indicating that the leads are being processed, and that you will be notified by email when processing is complete. You will be able to see the acceptance/rejection of leads in real time as they process. Click Close(9) to close the window.

Tip: Add the email address as a trusted sender. If you don’t see the email within a few minutes, check your spam or junk folder. 

Click the refresh icon(10) to see the upload progress.

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