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Source Summary - Fields

  1. Required vs. Elective: Checked boxes indicate a required field.
  2. PII (Personally Identifiable Information): Specify which fields contain PII so that this information is encrypted and not visible to the Marketer in cases of rejected leads. First name, Last Name, Phone, Address and Email are retracted by default.
  3. Alias: Using "Alias" eliminates the need to rename the headers on your lead files prior to each upload. You can map the Marketer's field name to the name of your equivalent field once and benefit from it for the duration of the source. Ex. 
    • Marketer's Field Name = FirstName
    • Your Alias = FName

      Tip: To export aliases from other campaigns, click on the down arrow and select Load from Existing.

  4. List: List of allowed or disallowed values associated with a field. You can click to view or copy this list. Or click the download icon to download the list. 
  5. Validations: Rules that will determine whether a lead is accepted or rejected on a field level.
  6. Map custom values: Using Custom Value Mapping eliminates the need to manually rename the values of List fields on your lead fields prior to each upload. You can configure Custom Value Mapping once for each relevant list field and benefit from it for the duration of the source.

        Tip: Address Block isn't a field name that needs to be used; however, it will show up on the list of fields because Markers have the option of selecting an "Address Block" that includes all address fields instead of creating each field                      individually. 

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