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DeDuplication Rules

their account. The marketer can select the criteria they want to use to check for duplicates.

You will find the Marketer’s setting in the Source Summary page. To access a Source Summary from the Campaigns > Sources(1) tab, click the Short ID(2) or Alias(3).

DeDuplication Rules are listed in the Terms section.(4)

  1. Look back time period(5) dictates how far back the system will check for duplicate information.
  2. Check if leads have the same:(6)
    Email(7) – if the email address already exists, the lead will be rejected.
    Phone(8) – if the phone number already exists, the lead will be rejected.
    If only one option is listed, Integrate will only use that option to search and reject duplicates. If both options appear in a vertical list, Integrate will reject the lead if either email OR phone already exist.

    Email & Phone(9) – if the email AND phone already exist for a single lead, the incoming lead will be rejected.
    If there is nothing listed, the marketer has opted not to look for duplicate email and/or phone number data.
  3. Reject the lead if already exists in(10)
    Source – Integrate looks only at leads in this media partner’s Source within the designated time frame.
    Account – Integrate looks at all leads in the marketer’s account within the designated time frame; includes other sources, including leads from other media partners, events, social media inputs, etc.
    Media Partner – Integrate looks at leads in all Sources from this media partner within the designated time frame; ignores leads from other sources, such as other media partners, events, social media inputs, etc.
    Campaign – Integrate will look for lead data anywhere in the Integrate Campaign. A marketer’s Integrate Campaign may combine leads from multiple media partner Sources, events, social media inputs, etc.
    Tag – Marketers use tags to designate additional criteria for Integrate to search when looking for duplicate leads. The tag label is located on the Campaign > Sources page.

        Never reject lead.(11) The marketer will accept leads, even if some or all of the data is duplicate.

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